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Stripping and sealing

If your floor is looking dirty and run down in Canberra and Queanbeyan, then it’s time to call Riteway Cleaning Services for a friendly chat about how we can help to fix the problem. A new looking floor makes a big difference to any area and shows potential clients that you care about the environment you provide for your employees, as well as your brand or company image.

With professional floor sealing services from Riteway Cleaning Services, your newly finished floor will present you with a brighter and fresher feel to your workplace.

Extend the lifespan of your floors

Riteway Cleaning Services only uses the best floor sealing chemicals available to help with the final finish and longevity of your flooring. First, we use a safe and fast-acting stripper to remove the old polish and floor sealers. The acting stripper is applied to the floor and sufficient time is allowed for penetration and softening of the polish. 

The floor is then machine scrubbed with stripping pads. Any areas where the machine cannot reach, such as corners, under some areas of stairs, etc., will be completed by hand so that the floor sealing finish is of equal quality throughout. All chemicals are then removed using hot water with a pH neutralising additive.

The final step is applying the polish. Depending on your business type, this can be either three to four coats with drying time in-between each. Once finished and dry, your floors are guaranteed to look like new again.
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