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Deep clean

If your floors seem dirty, out of control, and not as beautiful as when they were first laid, you are not alone. At Riteway Cleaning Services, we’ve helped to revive all types of floors in many commercial environments throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan with our professional and cost-effective deep cleaning services.

Our deep cleaning experts can bring your floors back to life and keep them looking and smelling clean and healthy. You can always rely on us to deep clean, improve, and prolong the life of your floors in no time.

Say goodbye to tired looking floors 

With different deep cleaning techniques and machinery required for the large array of flooring materials on the market, we can make any room feel great and healthy again.

Without going into a full-scale floor restoration or replacement, Riteway Cleaning Services can bring the shine and cleanliness back to your floors in Greater Canberra for a fraction of the price.

Inside and out, we do the lot while using the best deep cleaning equipment available. You can say goodbye to grubby and tired looking floors forever more with help from your local deep cleaning specialists at Riteway Cleaning Services.  
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